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Yes! Sab is 50 years old this month!

eartrumpet_200Poor Old Man ! 🙁

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At Fun English Lessons we have two goals:


Goal No.1 – To Make Your English Better


Goal No.2 – To Have Fun




1) Make Your English Better…

We offer many excellent FREE English Resources and even more excellent products you have to pay for, all designed to help make your English amazing:

…With Our FREE English language resources:


purplepink_all_FREE_smile FREE Interactive Grammar Lessons


FREE Song-Based Lessons


FREE News Article-Based Lessons


FREE Video-Based Lessons


FREE Business English Quizzes


FREE General English Quizzes


FREE English Grammar & Vocabulary Tests


FREE Quick Grammar Building


FREE Quick Vocabulary Building


FREE Language Mind Maps


FREE Grammar Videos & Cheat Sheets


FREE Fun English Language Curiosities


FREE Crosswords & Games

And MORE..!


 …In Our Fantastic Pro Section!

We offer several ways of giving your English an incredible boost:

1) Become a PRO Member

  pinkpurple_go_pro_now1 Fun English Lessons PRO Members enjoy access to a huge number of language learning resources, constantly updated – Discover Our PRO Membership  

2) Invest in a Fun Language Packs in the Fun Store!

  purplepink_fun_store Our Language Fun Packs are an excellent way to improve your English quickly and enjoyably through motivating materials, interactive exercises, videos, songs and articles, listening and speaking practice – Discover Our Fun Language Packs 3) Attend a Live Webinar (coming soon)   Take part in our Live Webinars to fully understand specific language points or just experience the pleasure of listening to real English and interacting with other motivated language learners 4) Take the 100 Day Challenge (coming soon)   This Top Secret project (currently in preparation) is for highly-motivated, enthusiastic students only! You will see incredible progress and receive individual attention during an intense period of learning. Watch this space!  


  2) Have Fun

  Spring4_200When we are happy, we learn better and faster. At Fun English Lessons, we want you to enjoy studying and making your English better and better.

How do we make things fun?

a) Colourful, happy materials b) Clear, simple explanations c) Realistic, positive examples d) Lessons with short sections e) Lots of photos and funny images f) Many interactive exercises g) Varied, interesting topics h) With humour and laughter i) A personal, ‘human’ approach i) Excellent music, videos and news j) Focus on progress, not mistakes k) Your friendly Facebook Chat Group!  


Start Now!

gotta_get And finally, let me inspire you to take action to improve your English…

You need to Start NOW, because…

NOW is the only time you can do anything   Action gets a reaction  ♣ Tomorrow never comes  ♦ No effort is too small 

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♥ The longest journey starts with a single step  ♠ How to eat an elephant: one bite at a time  ♣ Change = Progress = Good  ♦ The world keeps turning, with you or without you  ♥ You’ll be glad you did  ♠ The tortoise won the race, not the rabbit  ♣ We are what we do  ♦ The best way to predict the future is to create it  ♥ Only YOU can decide to improve  ♠ If you do nothing, you will get… nothing!  Many little efforts lead to BIG results  ♦ I will help you   You can do it  ♠ Time waits for no-one  ♣ ‘Impossible’ can also be written: I’m possible  ♦ My name is ‘Sab WILL’, NOT Sab Would ♥ You will pass your exams  ♠ You will get a better job  ♣ Just Do It.  ♦ Enough words, let’s see deeds  ♥ It’s about the journey, not the destination  ♠ You do want it, don’t you?  ♣ Actions speak louder than words  ♦ Boldness has genius, power and magic in it  ♥ If not now, then when?  ♠ I am doing this for you  ♣ Today IS ‘One day…’  You will feel great!  You deserve i ♠ If not you, then who?  ♣ It only takes 1 MINUTE, look:  Quick Quiz  ♥  Latest Video  ♥  Minute Max Latest WordPic  ♥  Mind Map to Print You create your own luck  ♥ You will be an example  ♠ You will inspire others  ♣ It’s actually not that difficult  You will meet the Fun English Teacher  ♥ I will be proud of you  ♠ Your English will FLY


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I look forward to helping your English fly!

Have Fun Learning English!

Sab, Your Fun English Teacher

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