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How To Do The Exercise

It’s really very easy 🙂

The 10 questions cover…

  • Essential Grammar ~ study it!
  • Useful Vocabulary ~ learn it!
  • Daily Situations ~ practise them!
  • Common Mistakes ~ eliminate them!
  • General Culture ~ appreciate it!

There are also hints, FULL ANSWERS and explanations!


  1. Look at the questions below.
  2. Read the instructions carefully.
  3. Choose the correct answer or answers.
  4. Use the hints if you need to.
  5. Click on ‘Get Your RESULTS!
  6. Celebrate or cry depending on your result! ;-D
  7. Study the explanations carefully.
  8. Share your results on Facebook and Twitter and challenge your friends!
  9. Do the quiz again and get 100%! YES!

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And now… here’s The Quiz

 General English Edition ~ No.32

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quiz32_1Q1) GRAMMAR: General ~ 'hope' OR 'wish'

I _______ we _______ in a nice hot country like Australia. It rains all the time here in England!

Q2) GRAMMAR: General ~ 'hope' OR 'wish'

I _______ it doesn't _______ tomorrow. I'm having a barbeque in the garden.

quiz32_2Q3) VOCABULARY: General ~ good dreams, bad dreams

My wife had a horrible _______ yesterday. She _______ she was getting married to me all over again!

Q4) VOCABULARY: General ~ good dreams, bad dreams

My students are so _______ - they just sit there looking out of the window _______ of their  holidays.

quiz32_3Q5) SITUATIONS: General ~ in the bedroom

Which sentence is NOT normal in the bedroom?

Q6) SITUATIONS: General ~ in the kitchen

Which sentence is NORMAL in the kitchen?

quiz32_4Q7) MISTAKES: General ~ 'will ' OR 'would'

Choose the 3 INCORRECT sentences below.

Q8 - MISTAKES: General ~ 'will' OR 'would'

Tick the THREE (3) CORRECT sentences below.

quiz32_6Q9) CULTURE: General ~ F1 Motor Racing

The Red Bull Racing team may have to _______ Formula 1 motor racing after Ferrari _______ to offer engines for their rivals to use.

Q10) CULTURE: General ~ Rugby World Cup

England _______ out of their own world cup with yesterday's _______ ever _______ to Australia at Twickenham.


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