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How To Do The Exercise

It’s really very easy 🙂

The 10 questions cover…

  • Essential Grammar ~ study it!
  • Useful Vocabulary ~ learn it!
  • Professional Situations ~ practise them!
  • Common Mistakes ~ eliminate them!
  • Business Culture ~ appreciate it!

There are also hints, FULL ANSWERS and explanations!


  1. Look at the questions below.
  2. Read the instructions carefully.
  3. Choose the correct answer or answers.
  4. Use the hints if you need to.
  5. Click on ‘Get Your RESULTS!
  6. Celebrate or cry depending on your result! ;-D
  7. Study the explanations carefully.
  8. Share your results on Facebook and Twitter and challenge your friends!
  9. Do the quiz again and get 100%! YES!

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And now… here’s The Quiz

 Business English Edition ~ No.31

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Q1) GRAMMAR: Business ~ 'be to' + infinitive

Eurozone finance ministers _______ the Greek crisis on Tuesday.

Q2) GRAMMAR: Business ~ 'be to' + infinitive

The Queen _______ parliament today at 2pm today but it has been postponed due to her ill health.

Q3) VOCABULARY: Business ~ UK car industry

UK new car _______ in the year to June _______ at the fastest rate on record, a motor industry _______ has found.

Q4) VOCABULARY: Business ~ UK car industry

The Ford Fiesta was the _______ car last month, _______ 12,543 _______ in June.

Q5) SITUATIONS: Business ~ talking price

Only ONE sentence is grammatically correct. Which one?

Q6) SITUATIONS: Business ~ talking price

ONE sentence is NOT good English. Which one?

Q7) MISTAKES: Business ~ mobile music apps

Which TWO (2) sentences have grammar MISTAKES?

Q8) MISTAKES: Business ~ mobile music apps

Find the TWO (2) INCORRECT English sentences below.

Q9) CULTURE: Business ~ sin-free Facebook

Some Evangelical Christians in Brazil have _______ a new social _______ called Facegloria, where swearing, sexual content and gay material is _______.

Q10) CULTURE: Business ~ sin-free Facebook

There are 600 _______ which are forbidden on the site and a(n) _______ button for expressing appreciation for a(n) _______.


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