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And a very big HELLO to all…

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Fun_English_Lessons_Site_Plan_640_2This is my very first post on the Fun English Lessons Blog, the first of many many more, for sure!

So I thought I’d make it a special one.

Which is why I’m proud to present my very first Fun Mind Map… the mind map of the Fun English Lessons web site, no less… I hope you like it.

You can click on the links below the complete map below to see it in all its glorious detail.

It’s a ‘work in progress’ of course, but I’m quite pleased with how it has turned out.

I’ll be using lots of mind maps to try to explain lots of the aspects of English I’m going to discuss with you. Let me know what you think in the comments below or anywhere on the site, forum, Facebook or Twitter. It’s always a pleasure to hear from you.

So here as you can see below is a visual representation of the Fun English Lessons web site.

It’s basically the menus above transposed onto the mind map format with a few colours and images thrown in for good measure.

Fun_English_Lessons_Site_Plan_640Download:     PDF     PNG 800     PNG 1920     PNG 3500

The theory is that we learn better when things are visually pleasing and stimulating. Which is what mind maps are supposed to be.

Whether you believe that or not, I love them, so watch this space for many more and again, do let me know what you think. Any special requests would be particularly welcome.

Feel free to download and share any or all of the images here as long as you mention funenglishlessons.com along with them, thanks!

Fun_English_Lessons_Site_Plan_640_3It’s unbelievably late as I type these words, so I’m off to bed soon after posting this on Facebook and Twitter.

And the very first quiz is all set to be sent to my first subscribers tomorrow moring, so things are pretty exciting at the moment!

Fun_English_Lessons_Site_Plan_640_1With that I will leave you and go to bed, wishing you a very good night.

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Talk soon,

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