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Ready for another cool
20 Second Tip?

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In just 20 seconds a day you can learn:

  1. Essential Grammar
  2. Correct Spelling
  3. Good Pronunciation
  4. Useful Language
  5. Funny Phrases
  6. English Idioms
  7. Obscure Points

And much much more!


It’s very easy to have fun learning English with our 20 Second Tips!

For example:

  1. Click on the video and watch it
  2. Read the text and look at the images
  3. Listen carefully and repeat what you hear
  4. Try to understand the main point
  5. Watch and listen again
  6. Repeat with perfect pronunciation
  7. Test yourself with the simple quiz
  8. Congratulate yourself on your 20 Second Lesson!
  9. You have just learnt  Some Important English! 🙂

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And now… here’s the latest 20 Second Tip

33 Top Tips

~ Video 5: choosing a or the ~


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