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Fun Mind Maps
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In just 1 minute a day you can learn:

  1. Cool Quotes
  2. Everyday English
  3. Fun & Games
  4. Wild Words
  5. Lovely Lines
  6. Stuff We Say
  7. Freaky Facts

And much much more!


It’s very easy to have fun learning English with the Fun Minute Max.

For example:

  1. Click on ‘LISTEN
  2. Try to understand some words and expressions
  3. Read the text and look at the pictures
  4. Check to see how much you understood
  5. Click the yellow ‘Translate‘ button if you want to
  6. Listen again and read at the same time
  7. Repeat the most important expressions exactly
  8. Do the fun quiz and test what you have learned
  9. Celebrate! You have just learnt some English in a Fun Minute Max! 🙂

And now… here’s the latest Fun


~ English Tense System ~


This superb English Tenses Mind Map includes a full explanation of all the English tenses and symbols used in the map. It is an excellent resource and can be downloaded in very high quality jpg, png, pdf and even the original iMindMap format. The best English language teaching mind map I’ve ever done!

 (Click HERE for Latest Mind Map)

More Mind Maps coming soon…


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