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Welcome to the Fun English FAQ

How Can We Help You?

You have questions about Fun English Lessons?

Great! We have the answers.

Read on to find out (almost) everything you could possibly want to know.

And if you don’t find the information you need, just send us a message here – we’re always happy to hear from you! OK, let’s go!

Getting Started

What can NON Members do at Fun English Lessons?

A lot! There are many ways you can learn English with us for FREE.

For example…

1) Sign up for our 2 Fun Weekly Quizzes:

– Business English Quiz on Mondays
– General English Quiz on Fridays

2) Sign up for our Daily ‘Fun Minute Max’

3) Sign up for our Daily ‘Words & Pics’

4) Try our FREE language tests here.

5) Check out our latest Lessons here.

6) Look at our Latest Activities here.

7) See some Free Resources here.

8) Enjoy a few Free Bonuses here.

9) Read and contribute to the Blog here.

10) Visit us and join in the Fun on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more…

What can PRO Members do at Fun English Lessons?

Much much more! Of course you can do everything that Non Members can do as discussed in the question above.

But you can also go much deeper into the English language. In fact, the only limit is your own imagination!

Use our exclusive Study Guide to choose the program that suits you best.

We have detailed study plans for people who…

– only have a few minutes a day
– just want to learn a few new words or grammar points
– need to improve their English regularly and systematically
– want exercises and activities to do every day or week
– want a quick refresher course for a few days
– have the time to study in-depth over several weeks or months

And if you have specific needs, feel free to contact us and we will help you out!

Do you have study plans to help me learn faster?

Yes! Please see the ‘Our Study Guide’ section below.

About ‘Fun English Lessons

What is  Fun English Lessons, exactly?

Coming soon…

What makes your English learning system so good?

Coming soon…

Who is behind Fun English Lessons?

Coming soon…

The (Crazy) English Language

Why is English so crazy?!

A little history of the English language… (Coming soon…)

Is English hard to learn?

It depends. On a lot of things.

For example…

1) Do you like studying?
2) Are you ‘good at languages’?

3) Is your first language similar to English?
4) Is chatting with new people fun for you?
5) Do you have a personal or professional objective?
5) Can you study for a few minutes every day or every week?
7) Do you belong to a friendly, positive language learning community?

P.S. For No.7, you do now, with Fun English Lessons! 😉

Just to mention a few.

Personally, I think anyone can learn anything if the conditions are right. I believe fully in your ability to learn English and I’m here to help.

‘May Your English Fly is one of our mottos. And it will!

How do the English tenses work?

Coming soon…

Are there any rules for (weird) English spelling?

A little history of crazy English spelling – and a few ‘rules’… (Coming soon…)

Can you help me with my pronunciation?

Coming soon…

Do you have resources to help me with the basics?

Coming soon…

Our Study Guide

Do you provide actual study programmes?

Yes, we do! All Pro Members have access to material you will find on the Study Guide page… (Coming soon…)

What’s the best way to study?

Little and often. Seriously. In other words… and FEL is built around this principle.

Plus keeping a note of your progress.

Plus having regular challenges.

Plus having the help of a community. (Coming soon…)

I don’t have much time to study. What can I do?

Coming soon…

Can you motivate me to keep going?

Coming soon…

Please give me some useful study hints and tips

Coming soon…

About ‘Your Bonuses’

What are these famous ‘Bonuses’ exactly?

Bonuses cover a very wide range of fun and often unusual English learning materials of one sort or another. (Coming soon…)

Do Pro Members automatically get all the Bonuses?

No! Well, it depends. Bonuses are just that: extra items of value which are normally attached to an offer to make it (even) more attractive.

So, no, you don’t automatically get them all. But I tend to offer bonuses spontaneously from time to time to loyal Pro Members and other Friends, so eventually you will probably get them all.

Can you describe your current Bonuses, one by one?

Sure, here goes… (Coming soon…)

I’m sorry, but I want ALL your Bonuses, and I want them NOW!

OK, OK! Don’t panic 😀 If you really can’t wait simply check out the Fun Store to get any (or every) Bonus at a special Pro Member discount price! (Coming soon…)

Pro Membership

0What benefits do Pro Members get, exactly?

That’s a very good question!

Check out some of the many benefits below…

Pro MembersNon Members
Latest Quiz / 'Minute Max' / 'Words & Pics'
Read Blog, Forum, Facebook...
ALL Weekly General Quizzes
ALL Weekly Business Quizzes
ALL Daily 'Fun Minute Max'
ALL Daily 'Words & Pics'
FULL Level Testing System
ALL Lessons: Grammar / Vocabulary / Pronunciation / Exams / Hints & Tips
ALL Activities: Games / Crosswords / Correction
ALL Resources: Grammar / Vocabulary / Tests / Websites
MANY Bonuses, Including: Top 10s / Cheat Sheets / Mind Maps / Curios
VIP Forum Access: Your Questions Answered
SPECIAL OFFERS on ALL our Products
PRIORITY E-mail Response Guaranteed
SATISFACTION of Helping a Great Children's Education Charity!
Become a Pro Member NOW

As you can see, Pro Members get the very best of what Fun English Lessons has to offer. For an extremely good price. Click here for more details and a special offer…

How much does Pro Membership cost?

Pro Membership is usually $97 per year. At the moment there is a Very Special Offer where you can get FULL Pro Membership for ONLY $37! Check out this Limited Special Offer here NOW!

How do I renew my Pro Membership?

You will receive a reminder a few days before your annual Pro Membership payment is due. If you do nothing your membership will be renewed automatically. To cancel your Pro Membership with one click, see below.

How do I stop being a Pro Member?

It is VERY easy. To cancel your Pro Membership, simply go to the Membership section and click the unsubscribe button. You will be automatically unsubscribed and you will NOT be charged again.

Our Fun Store (The Boutique)

What other products or services do you offer?

Coming soon…

What’s planned for the future?

Coming soon…

Can I make a suggestion for a product?

Of course, and with great pleasure I will see if it’s possible! Just get in touch here with your idea, and thanks for taking the time.

Working Together

I’m a TEACHER. Can I use your lessons with my class?

Yes! As an individual Pro Member you can work with any Fun English Lessons content in class. Even Non Members can use our weekly Quizzes (General & Business English Editions), daily ‘Fun Minute Max’ and ‘Words & Pics’ features to enrich their students’ English learning experience.

Of course we would like you to encourage your students to visit Fun English Lessons themselves and sign up for our free materials as mentioned above. They can do this easily here:

– Weekly Quizzes sign-up HERE
– Daily ‘Fun Minute Max’ sign-up HERE
– Daily ‘Words & Pics’ sign-up HERE

Also get them to download our FREE mobile app so they can do our Fun English activities wherever they are:

– Download the Mobile App HERE

We are a SCHOOL. Do you have a special deal for us?

Yes, absolutely! We have special deals for schools, teachers and their students to enable them to use all of our resources at a very special price.

There are special packages for:

– Whole schools
– Groups of teachers
– Teachers and their students

Whatever your teaching situation, Fun English Lessons has a solution for your. Please contact us here for details.

We are a COMPANY. How will your system help us?

The Fun English Lessons learning system was specifically developed to help busy professionals learn the English they need quickly.

Based on more than 20 years’ experience, we have identified the two key challenges for business people who need to improve their English today:

Challenge 1: Lack of Time

– At work people are supposed to be working, not studying English.
– At home people are occupied with family matters. Or just not working or studying.

Challenge 2: Lack of Motivation

– Traditional English language lessons are often dry, boring and irrelevant
– There is little or no interaction with actual people and no real feedback

At Fun English Lessons we address both these problems.

Solution 1: Lack of Time

– All of our exercises and materials are short and interactive.
– Many of our activities only take a minute or two to do.
– The Fun English Lessons App allows instant access to all our content.
– Study your English on the bus or train, waiting at the station, in the hotel lobby, at the restaurant…
– Even without the Mobile App, our site is fully functional and looks great on all mobile devices

Solution 2: Lack of Motivation

– Our material is up to date, original, spontaneous, human and enjoyable.
– The most modern teaching techniques are used to ensure optimal learning
– We use cutting edge web technology to deliver a vast range of engaging activities and exercises
– Human interaction and fun are vital to effective learning. We have lots of both!
– We are passionate about the English language, and helping people to learn it.
– If Fun English Lessons can’t motivate you to learn English, nothing can!

If you would like to discuss further how we can work together, please get in touch HERE.

Do you provide tailored solutions for private clients?

Yes, we do. If you let us know who you are, what your current situation is, and what you are looking for, we will put together a proposal for you if we feel we can help you. Get in touch here to get started.

I’d like to say thanks for your efforts!

That’s great, thanks! The best ways to help out are as follows:

1) Tell as many people about the website and mobile app as possible. Here are some important links:

Fun English Lessons Website (http://www.funenglishlessons.com)
Fun  English Lessons App (Coming soon…)
Fun English Lessons on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/funenglishlessons/)
Fun English Lessons on Twitter (http://www.twitter.com/funenglessons/)
Fun English Lessons on Instagram(http://www.instagram.com/funenglishlessons/)

2) Encourage people to sign up for our Free Quizzes, ‘Minute Max’ and ‘Words & Pics’ features.

– Weekly Quizzes sign-up HERE (Coming soon…)
– Daily ‘Fun Minute Max’ sign-up HERE (Coming soon…)
– Daily ‘Words & Pics’ sign-up HERE (Coming soon…)

3) Make a small contribution – anything you can afford – to help us continue.

– Contribute easily by Paypal HERE (Coming soon…)

4) Take your support to the next level and become an Official Sponsor! Contact us here to discuss it further.

4) Place a link on your site or talk about us on your blog, Facebook, etc.

I’d like to meet you / interview you / pay you / marry you, etc…

I’m open to any reasonable suggestion for collaboration in keeping with the spirit of the Fun English Lessons ethos and the obvious need to make a living and have a life. Let me know what you’ve got in mind here and I’ll get back to you forthwith, cheers!

May I make a suggestion for the good of Fun English Lessons?

May I say that would be wonderful?! Thank you! Any comments, suggestions or queries you have are always welcome. Just get in touch here at any time and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Many thanks again!

Become A PRO-Member For FREE!

As always, if you have any comments or questions just send us a message here and we’ll get back to you shortly!

I look forward to welcoming you to the Fun English Lessons community and…

Have Fun Learning English!

Your Fun English Teacher

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