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It’s very easy to have fun learning English with the our Words & Pics.

For example:

  1. Click on ‘LISTEN
  2. Try to understand some words and expressions
  3. Read the text and look at the pictures
  4. Check to see how much you understood
  5. Click the yellow ‘Translate‘ button if you want to
  6. Listen again and read at the same time
  7. Repeat the most important expressions exactly
  8. Do the fun quiz and test what you have learned
  9. Celebrate! Your English is richer thanks to Words & Pics!

And now… here is the latest WordPic

Year 1: Cycle 3: Week 1

~ Day 6: scooter ~

WORDPIC of the DAY:scooter‘ ~ The girl in this picture is riding a scooter and there was a craze here in France a few years ago when even serious business people could be seen scooting all over the place. I’ve always found them a bit silly, but then I preferred roller-blading, which is much cooler 😉

VOCABULARY: scooter‘ ~ This was originally a child’s method of transport, like a tricycle, and has a large foot-board with a little wheel at each end. There is also a long vertical handle to steer with. We also sometimes talk about a ‘motor scooter’, which is a little motorbike with small wheels and not much power. I still prefer roller-blades!

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like_father_200*NOTE: I, Sab Will, creator of the Fun English Lessons web site, have been a passionate Paris street photographer for many years. Most of the photos you see in the WordPic and in the Quick Quiz sections of this site come from my iPhone Paris street photography project. I hope you like them! Comments on our Facebook Page are welcome 😀

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