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Latest Errors

Welcome to our latest Error Corrections Exercise. There are 10 quick questions.

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How To Do The Exercise

It’s really very easy!

Short Version

  1. Look at the common mistakes below.
  2. Choose the correct version (1-3).
  3. Click ‘Next’ for the next question.

Long Version

  1. Look at the BIG pink box below.
  2. There are 10 multiple choice questions inside.
  3. Read each question carefully.
  4. Try to find the mistake.
  5. Then look at the three possible corrections.
  6. It could be a problem of grammar, vocabulary, collocations, phrasal verbs or more
  7. Then look at the 3 possible corrections.
  8. Choose the one you think is correct.
  9. Only 1 sentence is correct.
  10. The other two are also typical mistakes.
  11. Click the ‘Next ⇒‘ button to see the next question.
  12. Reload the page to do the quiz again.
  13. Feel free to cheat if you want to 😉
  14. Do the exercise again and try to get 100%!
  15. Have Fun Learning English, OK?! 😀

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And now… here’s The Exercise

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