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In just 1 minute¬†you can…

1) Learn A Lovely Word Or Phrase
Enjoy A New Picture From Sab (me!)
3) Improve Your Listening Skills
4) Practise Your Pronunciation
5) Get A Grasp On Grammar
Know Me A Little Better (Oh Yes!)
7) Have Fun Learning English!


It’s very easy to have fun learning English with the our Words¬†& Pics.

For example:

  1. Click on ‘LISTEN
  2. Try to understand some words and expressions
  3. Read the text and look at the pictures
  4. Check to see how much you understood
  5. Click the yellow ‘Translate‘ button if you want to
  6. Listen again and read at the same time
  7. Repeat the most important expressions exactly
  8. Do the fun quiz and test what you have learned
  9. Celebrate! Your English is richer thanks to Words & Pics!

And now… here are the latest WordPics

Latest WordPic ~ No.112!

~ flag ~

WORDPIC of the DAY:flag‘¬†~ My son was born and lives in France. BUT his father (me) is British and his mother is Spanish. Here we are going to watch a football match during the European Championship which is in France this year. My son is holding a French flag and I am holding a British flag, called the Union Jack. It is strange, but the United Kingdom does not have one football team, it has four: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, and they all have different flags!

VOCABULARY:¬†flag‘ ~ A flag is a piece of cloth with a special design and special colours. It is often fixed to a pole and is a symbol of a country or group or a football team like in the picture!

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Try Some More WordPics

Sample No.1

~ Day 8: skyscraping eyesore ~

WORDPICS of the DAY:skyscraper/eyesore‘ ~ Let me introduce you to the biggest eyesore in Paris… The Montparnasse Skyscraper! And two Words of the Day for the price of one!

VOCABULARY:skyscraper‘ – a very tall building; ‘eyesore‘ – something that is horrible to look at and spoils the view – it (almost) literally hurts your eyes (it makes your eyes ‘sore’)!

NOTE: You also get a free stupid white van in this photo – the curse of every Paris street photographer! ūüėČ

Sample No.2

~¬†No.16:¬†‘dose / snooze¬†~

WORDPIC of the DAY:dose/snooze‘; A lot of people use their daily journey into work as a natural prolongation of what they should still be doing: snoozing in bed. But they can’t. Because they have to work. So they doze on the train instead. Enough said. Sshhhh!

VOCABULARY:dosing‘ and ‘snoozing‘ are very similar, if not identical activities – sleeping shortly! They give you the idea that it’s temporary or short-lived, like in a chair or on a train. It’s what I should be doing now!

Sample No.3

~ No.22: thunder ~

WORDPIC of the DAY:thunder‘ – The train thundered past, as I held my camera, shaking slightly.

VOCABULARY:thunder‘ (verb) – To thunder by, thunder past, thunder into (a room) etc. is to enter or go past with great noise, speed or power. Like thunder!

Sample No.4

 ~ Day 32: Marmite ~

WORD of the DAY:Marmite‘ ~ Marmite is a strange English food. Even the people from Marmite say ‘If you haven’t tasted it before the age of 3, you will HATE it! But if you have, it will change your life forever…’ Or something like that!

VOCABULARY:Marmite‘ ~ It’s not a verb or an adjective to my knowledge (like ‘to Google‘); it’s a ‘proper noun’ – a name – so it keeps the capital ‘M‘. And it’s lovely. I had it before I was 3!

Sample No.5

~ Day 48: OTT ~

EXPRESSION of the DAY:OTT – Over The Top‘ ~ I know this image is totally OTT but the original is looking sadly grey and grimy so I thought it needed cheering up a little bit!

OTT – Over The Top‘ ~ Something which is greatly exaggerated or excessive; too much!

Sample No.6

~ No.51: pride ~

WORDPIC of the DAY:pride‘ ~¬†I don’t know if the name of this boat is Portuguese Pride’ or not but ‘pride’ would be a good word to describe what this young girl is feeling, proudly parading with her splendid green and red sailed boat in the Jardin de Luxembourg on a glorious pre-spring Sunday afternoon!

VOCABULARY:pride‘ ~¬†A deep feeling of pleasure or satisfaction; a sense of personal value or self-worth. Feeling good about something you have, or something you have done, in other words.

Sample No.7

 ~ No.62: dusk ~

WORDPIC of the DAY:dusk‘ ~ Dusk is a wonderful time for photography – that time between day and night when the sky darkens richly and the colours pop!

VOCABULARY:dusk‘ ~ When the sun sets and it gets dark. The opposite of ‘dawn’, when the sky gets lighter as the sun rises. Dusk and dawn – two particularly poetic words!

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